I am Farheen is an initiation in unravelling history, knowing the present, and decipher the future of places around the globe. We bring about the faces that are explored along with the ones less-explored to let you see the colors of Mother Earth. What you know and what you need to know to travel for a weekend getaway or a family trip, we have it all.

Why do you think we tend to plan a trip whenever possible, be a solo or family or friends? It is because the tiring and same scheduled life makes us go crazy at times and we need trips to lure us to take out time for ourselves which is the basic need in one’s life. Don’t you think so?

Desert trips, hill stations, trekking, city tours, sea beaches are some of the famous categories where we usually end up with our travel. Planning a trip animated rotateIn delay4 duration7 is important so that things carried become relevant like if travelling to a chilly place without woolen wear becomes pointless and puts a full stop to your enjoyment. I will helps you know every detail including places, modes to reach to your destination, famous stuff that you can grab on from there, what time is the best to go there and so on….

My aim in bringing about a change in the world of travel by helping people to go on a vacation hassle-free and making a proper plan before they head towards days away from their busy schedule and enjoying a happy time.

Mother Earth has immense diversity in its natural beauty which is why it becomes impossible to explore every corner of it but knowing about them brings a different solace and peace in our soul. Knowing about different places, their culture, people, food, and lifestyle altogether makes us feel like being in a dream, a dream that will come to reality.

Our subscribers are our family and thus we make sure to keep them protected by making them aware of things before they plan a trip. We provide top-quality content to our viewers which are engaging, informative, and created after proper research or are based on real-life experience.