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5 Different Type Of Travel

Most people love travelling, be it a relaxing weekend trip or an adventure-filled holiday. Travels and vacations are one of the best ways to get away from the monotonous everyday life and have a fresh mind. With every passing day, the needs of a traveller are changing depending on their interests, finances, and personality. Today the travel and tourism industry has become huge owing to man’s curiosity to see the world.
Travelling has a different meaning to different people and this has given rise to a variety of types of travel.
Some people might love to travel solo to an unknown land while another person might love a beach vacation with their group of friends. It is nearly impossible to categorize travelling into types however one should try as many different ways of travelling as one can in one lifetime. Here are some popular types of travel-:


Solo Travel


First solo trips are often described as a religious experience. Solo travels are one of the best ways to spend quality time with one’s own self. It helps to get to know your own self and also connect to your own mind on a really deep level. Travelling solo is one of the freest ways of travelling as there is no other person whose need and preferences you have to think about, there are absolutely no constraints and the constant pressure to accommodate others. One can experience new surroundings unfiltered by the prejudices, tastes, or preferences of a travelling companion.
Solo travel does have a few disadvantages like the safety issue, and loneliness, but these problems can easily be overcome with a little preparation and common sense. Solo travel has gained popularity in recent times and is best suitable for young people. Nevertheless, it is worth trying at least once.


The Weekend  Break



Not everybody has long vacations that can be utilized for travelling all around the world, especially the ones involved in 9 to 5 jobs. But that is no reason for not travelling at all! A quick weekend break is a solution for them. This is one of the easiest kinds of travel as it requires less planning since only the weekend is available for travel.
A quick weekend getaway is bound to provide relaxation to all those working hard throughout the week. Since the time available is short, you can even travel to areas in and around your own city and it will be fascinating to discover how much there is to explore so close to home and make the most of your weekend!




This is a type of vacation that is spent on a cruise ship which sails the oceans and stops at ports for sightseeing. Cruise ships are large passenger ships that are generally meant for vacationing. It is travel and vacation combined together including entertainment and recreational facilities onboard, and shore excursion. Cruise tourism is growing fast in the tourism industry across the world.
There are several tour operators and travel agencies offering cruise packages for an individual group, families, business executives, honeymooners, and special interest tourists. Although cruise packages are generally on the expensive side, it is a must-try as it will be an experience of a lifetime and it will provide a great use for your travel savings.

The Package Trip



Package trips are best for the ones who don’t want to be involved in the most difficult part of traveling– planning the trip! One simply needs to decide a destination and the rest of the planning is done by the travel agent.
The travel agent makes all arrangements from accommodation and food to the tourist spots to be visited. In short, you can have the best time of your life relaxing and enjoying your holiday without a worry. Such a trip is not for exploring and getting to know the culture of the place as the trip is pre-planned by the travel agent. Travelers can choose from the many packages that already exist or some agents also curate packages according to the likes and demands of the traveler.
 according to me, package tripe is the best way to meet new and different type of personality


Group travel



In life, we always think that one day we can go out with all our friends, have fun and just have fun.
travel to your favorite destination with your gang. There are a lot of places in India where a friend group of friends can go.
But for friends, it is fun where everyone meets.
Your group tour guide can make or break your trip, and in my experience, they’ve always made it. They should be passionate and knowledgeable of the places they are showing you, and ideally from the area, if not experts in it. Often they will be strict on things like timekeeping and behaving. They’ll push you, test you and keep you in check, but all in a good way!
I’ve found the friends I’ve made in group travel have become some of my best travel friends, and from all over the world. When you put like-minded people together, this just happens. group travel is the best way to explore the world with many minds

Gap Year Travel

A gap year is an extended break taken usually between studies, between study and work or between careers to travel, volunteer or work in another country. It does not necessarily have to be a break of a year but it is called so because this kind of travel involves a long period of time.
Gap year travel is more of a western concept and it is quite beneficial as a lot can be learned from first-hand experiences in the real world which is extremely enriching. It is a perfect way to travel and learn. One can also work abroad while travelling to fund their travel by obtaining a working holiday visa. Many gap year travellers, also called backpackers, travel several countries and continents, and budget tickets designed for long term travel are available.

Travel for a Special Event

This type of travel is when one travels to a destination to attend a specific event. The event can be sports events like the FIFA World Cup, The Championships, Wimbledon, the Olympic Games or music festivals like Glastonbury, Tomorrowland, Coachella and also other special events like the Rio Carnival, La Tomatina, Spain or the Mardi Gras of New Orleans. Such a kind of travel is very exciting for those who want to visit special events in any part of the world and in such trips you can meet a lot of like-minded people with whom you can be the best of friends! You can easily find travel and tour operators who arrange these special tours all year round depending on the events.
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