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Healthy Snacks And Food For Your Next Travel

Whenever we think about travelling and go for travel, we become so excited and forget to think about what we will eat during the journey. Whatever we eat during travel will be healthy or what will be its effect on our health. We forget all these things, but these things are not going to be forgotten. Staying healthy is as important as cherishing memories of travelling.

So here, let’s see which different ways you can consume healthy food in your journey, which makes you active and keeps you energized.





I have kept dry Upma first of all because it is very easy to prepare and you can store it for a long time by making a premix of Upma.

Upma is a soft south Indian breakfast dish typically made from Kerala Tamil Nadu.

 It is made in Rava with a lot of spices and coriander daal nuts which make them healthy and appetizing.

Dry Upma is light and handy and can be a good lunch box recipe and a best friend while travelling because of its longer shelf life compared to any Indian recipe and can be preserved for 1 month.

to make Upma first, prepare its premix. Upma can be enjoyed  The Rava, Green Coriander, pulses, Green Chilli, cashew nuts, we make it and store it in a jar. Whenever you want to eat it, just put hot water in the premix and keep it in the 5min position and enjoy the hot Upma stuff.

Caramelized Makhana


people always keep some snacks for their food while travelling. It is better than snack food from outside, prepare something new from home and it is very healthy.

caramelized makhana is tasted very delicious and easy to keep on a travel journey.

caramelized makhana can be enjoyed with makhana, peanuts, jaggery it’s a tasty mixture That makes the mouth water after seeing it. it is too easy to store and enjoy caramelized makhana on your next journey.




Nut butter is high on energy and has a delectable taste which can be used as a spread for bread, on Indian flatbreads chapatis, or Rotis, or can be even experimented with your favourite food by spreading them on cookies or just having a spoonful of it. Nut butter is one of the superfoods which can recharge you after a tough trek or after a long walk or every single type of expedition you get yourself into.




Energy bars are a favourite source of nutrition and are available in different options to satiate your palate.

Energy bars usually contain different fruits and nuts which can be a great source of quick energy and also keep you full for long. You can stock up on a few energy bars on the go and can be kept handy when you want instant energy, but do not have time for a meal. Make sure you take enough of them with you and enjoy a quick zip while you are enjoying the trip.

Baked Masala Peanuts


I have always loved peanuts. Now it is good for eating like nuts or with chutney or for travelling people. These spice peanuts are also very spicy and healthy. I love to keep masala peanuts in my travelling. it is a very spicy snack and a good friend in travel. it is a good mixture of masala in peanuts.



Thepla is a soft Indian flatbread typically made from Gujarati cuisine with a lot of spices and leafy greens (fenugreek leaves) which make them healthy and appetizing. Thepla can be enjoyed with curds, pickle or potato curry or just can be rolled and enjoyed bite by bite. Different versions of Thepla can also be tried like Zucchi Thepla, Cabbage Thepla or Carrot Thepla. It can certainly lift the mood and give enough energy for your ongoing adventures.

Thepla is light and handy and can be a good lunch box recipe and a best friend while travelling because of its longer shelf life compared to any Indian flatbread and can be preserved for 3-4 days.



Butter crackers are a little under-rated as being boring or non-exciting, but they become absolutely necessary while you are on the go, travelling or on your adventure trips. If you have your packet of butter crackers in your backpack with a creamy dip you can indulge in it and once you bite into the flaky, butter taste of the butter crackers there is no stopping. The instant uplift of the taste buds and the mood as well makes them engaging and sheer fun to snack on while you are busy encountering the retreat of nature.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags with these healthy snacks and you are geared up for your next adventure.



Trail mix is a type of mixture of nuts, dried fruits and/or granola depending upon the mix you would go for, are fun and perfect as the power food for your adventures, hikes or long holidays. Trail mixes are light and are power-packed with instant energy from dried fruits and granola and also support sustained energy from the protein, fibre and fat in the nuts.

The best thing about trail mix is you can make your own according to your choice and preferences or go for the premixed packages available in the market. As they are easy to store, just pack them in an airtight container and you are good to go.



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